Our Introduction 2 Engineering workshops can be delivered at primary and secondary schools and can be adapted to suit a range of abilities. 

Contact us to find out more or click here to book one of our sessions.  

Wind Turbine Workshop

Working in small teams, pupils use our kits to build their own wind turbine and measure the energy generated.

Pupils learn how they work, how they are engineered and constructed, and are tasked to create and record the most efficient wind turbine.  

Progression steps 3 & 4

Coding with BBC micro:bit

Pupils are guided through a series of challenges where they create code to move a micro:bit robot through a series of tasks. 

Pupils program a transmitter and receiver to introduce remote control, adjusting their code to improve their robot's performance.

Progression steps 3 & 4

EESW Speed Challenge

EESW Speed Challenge is a two-hour activity where pupils get to experience the exciting world of CO2 powered model racing cars. 

Pupils work in teams to build and race their cars on our purpose-built floor track to see which team has produced the fastest CO2 powered car.

Progression steps 3 & 4

Sustainable Farming Project

This Project challenges teams to design, build and program their own smart micro-greenhouse. EESW delivers coding sessions, alongside fully resourced class packs including programmable BBC micro:bit, environmental control boards, sensors and components.  

Progression steps 3 & 4

Spheros Workshop

Coming soon!