The EESW Project encourages young people to consider a career in STEM by giving students a positive experience working with professional engineers in an industrial setting.


EESW Project 2024-25

We are currently looking to sign up schools and companies for the next academic year!

If you're interested in getting involved, please visit the links below to find out more or register now


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How it works

A link company will set a project brief related to a real problem within the company for a team of up to eight Year 12 students.

Around 600 students take part in the EESW Project each year.  During the project students will research and design a solution and produce a final proposal, model or working prototype.  

Students will attend a welcome event in September/October, a two or three-day workshop in December at a local University, college or training centre and submit a written report in February/March.  

The team will then attend an Awards and Presentation Day in North or South Wales in March/April, where they will display their work at an exhibition stand and give a presentation to a panel of assessors.  Awards will be presented for various categories up to the value of £500.  

Why take part?

The EESW Project offers multiple benefits to students, schools/colleges and companies.  Students will gain a number of skills and receive a completion of training certificate for the areas completed. 

Students will:

  • have enhanced knowledge and understanding of STEM, by gaining an insight into engineering and experience of solving a real problem.
  • apply and develop Essential and Key Skills including communication, decision making, team work, team leadership, problem solving, presentation techniques and report writing.
  • gain subject knowledge in a real industrial context for UCAS applications and CVs.
  • be able to apply for a Gold CREST Award.

Previous events

Sponsored by Industry Wales

Sponsored by Industry Wales

EESW Student of the Year Award

To celebrate the EESW Projects, we run an annual EESW Student of the Year Award, gratefully supported by Industry Wales. 

Entrants are invited to submit a proposal explaining why they think they deserve to be EESW Student of the Year, using the template provided. 

The winner will receive £800 towards the cost of studying a Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths (STEM) based subject next year.  Two runners-up will also each receive £400 to help with future study.  

Check back on this page for details of the Student of the Year Award 2024!


The EESW Project is part-funded by the Welsh Government Education Directorate.