CREST (Creativity in Science and Technology) is a national award scheme for project work in science, engineering and technology, coordinated by the British Science Association throughout the UK.  CREST Awards are available at BronzeSilver and Gold levels.  

Students participating in the EESW Project will have the opportunity to gain CREST at Gold or Silver level, whilst i2E and F1 in Schools students can gain Silver, Bronze or Discovery level. The CREST Awards are recognised by UCAS for inclusion on personal statements.

CREST Awards


Students taking part in the EESW Project will be provided with a profile form upon registering to complete the sections alongside project work.  While EESW is a team programme, CREST is an individual award.  Students will need to demonstrate personal contribution to the team effort and who that all criteria have been met for the award.  

Where we deliver an i2E activity at a school and there is the opportunity for pupils to enter for a CREST Award, we will provide students with profile forms to complete and submit them to CREST on behalf of the school.  

For CREST accredited activities such as the First LEGO League, we will make schools aware that pupils can use their engagement to enter for an award through us.