Alex Pilkington
Alex Pilkington, from Queen Elizabeth High School, was a team leader on the EESW project. His team were given the brief to identify a construction, environmental or engineering issue within their school, researching possible solutions, and designing a prototype to solve the problem.
Brandon Jones
Merthyr Tydfil College EESW and F1 in Schools student
Brandon first got involved with EESW studying at Cyfarthfa High School, taking part in the F1 in Schools Challenge. Brandon thoroughly enjoyed the project and pursued Product Design as one of his GCSEs.
Enyala Banks
Enyala Banks from Cardiff 6th Form College took part in the EESW project in 2019. "Being able to partake in EESW really made me realise that Engineering was the field that I wanted to go into, as it mimicked the experience of a professional engineer! The problem we were given was to find a way to measure current in the electrified rail lines for Network Rail, and our group decided we wanted to use a hall probe. This allowed me to discover my passion for material science when looking into the most sustainable material for the probe, and has inspired me to pursue this interest studying Materials Science at university!"
Inyoung Baek
Inyoung Baek, from Brynteg School, participated in the EESW project in 2018-2019 as a project leader. His team were linked with SAS International, and their brief was to design a tile that could transfer sound energy into energy that can be stored in a battery.



Ioan Webber
From Gower College Swansea, Ioan Webber participated in the EESW project in 2018-2019 with his four friends. They worked in collaboration with TATA Steel in Port Talbot. TATA tasked the team with analysing the thermal losses through their high-temperature steam mains at their power generation plant.
Kieron Dalton
Kieran Dalton from Ysgol Friars, participated in the 2016-2017 EESW project, leading a team to design and construct a self-levelling platform able to be pre-set to return to any angle relative to the horizontal
Kyle Greenland
Kyle Greenland, from Heolddu Comprehensive School, was a Runner-up in the EESW Student of the Year 2016 competition. His team was set a brief to design a water turbine for Continental Tyres UK to utilise wastewater run-off from their factory.
Samuel Robson Brown
Samuel Robson-Brown and his team worked with Calsonic Kansei on a project to improve sustainability in the automotive industry. He was deputy project leader for Ysgol Gyfun Gwyr in 2017-2018.



Seren Wonklyn
Seren Wonklyn participated in the EESW project in 2018-2019 as part of the St Joseph’s School team. Her team were linked with engineers from Weartech, a cobalt-based hard facing and wear-resistant welding consumables company