Tomorrow's Engineers Robotics Challenge



This challenge satisfies the following curriculum links:

- Estimate size and use correct units when measuring- Prioritise steps to complete a task
- Communicate ideas and agree actions in groups
- Use and understand technical terms
- Speaking clearly and presenting ideas to an audience
- Research a wide range of sources to fully understand a topic
- Suggest and make improvements depending on feedback and self-evaluation
- Predict outcomes after modifying inputs
- Apply logical reasoning to a problem to formulate a solution.
- Detect and correct simple errors in algorithms
- Promote growth mindset
- Teamwork, communication and time management skills          
- Planning and organisation skills          
- Develop an understanding of the importance of coding in the world around us


The Tomorrows Engineers Robotics Challenge is a team based programme for students aged 11 – 14 years. Students work to build and program a LEGO EV3 robot to complete a series of short aviation themed missions. Teams will also present a solution to a contemporary engineering problem and receive feedback on their work from the engineering community. Teams will meet at a regional heats and a team will be selected to take part in the national finals. 

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