Access Keys

Access keys help you find your way around the site without using a mouse.

We’ve tried to avoid using keys that your computer may already use, such as Alt + F for the File menu. Our complete list of Access keys is below.

Hold ‘Alt’ and the relevant key, then press the Enter/Return key to perform its function.

1 – Home

3 – Site Map

5 – Contact Us

6 – Terms and Conditions

a – About

n – News


Skip to content

For people using screen readers the first link on every page says “skip to content”. Following this link will skip over the pager header and skip over the navigation menu to take you straight to the content of the page. The page header and navigation is repeated on every page so this avoids hearing it again and again. However, note that you will miss the link to the accessibility page and the main navigation menu by skipping straight to content.


The access key for skipping straight to the content is S You can use this shortcut on any page.