Follow the PowerPoint and videos below to learn how planes fly, prove a theory of flight and produce your own small plane for testing and developing - all at home!


For this activity, you will require the following resources:
Prove a theory of flight -                                                                         

A small sheet of card or thick paper                                                                                
A straw                                                                                                                        

Some string or wire
A stapler
A desk fan
A pair of scissors

To produce your small plane - 

A sheet of thin A4 paper (basic printer paper is ideal)
A pair of scissors


Use the support information and data collection sheet to run your own experiments with your small plane to control its flight! Can you make your small plane bank left, bank right, do a loop the loop - the challenge is up to you!



Small planes - PowerPoint


The videos to accompany the above PowerPoint can be found here


Prove a theory of flight
Small plane build (part 1)
Small plane build (part 2)




Worksheet for students collecting research data
 Take your small plane to the next level by conducting experiments - adjusting how it flies to bank left, bank right, barrel roll and loop the loop!

Use the documents here to help conduct your experiments.
Support information for students conducting research