Your journey to designing your own 'F1 in Schools' car begins here.

Try your hand at sketching your F1 in Schools car, using the 'Freehand drawing' guide below. Can you draw the ultimate F1 in Schools car?


Freehand Drawing

The no-go zone is going to be the base of your car - download the image to the left and design your car around it using a pen and paper. Check out this video to help with your design process.


Now, lets have a look at the real thing - using CAD software to make a 3D model of your design!


 Drawing with CAD

Lets get started!

Use this guide to download the Fusion 360 CAD software so you can get started designing your F1 car


Start by downloading the no-go zone CAD file, then follow our step by step videos.
Each video will take you one stage closer to designing your ultimate F1 in Schools car!

Share your creations on twitter @EESWStemCymru, we cant wait to see your fast and furious designs!