Back by popular demand, our new wind turbines activity allows pupils to learn how a wind turbine works, how they are engineered and constructed. Working in small teams, pupils use our redesigned wind turbine model kits to build and measure energy generated. By adjusting their design, each team is tasked to create and record the most efficient wind turbine.
Teams are encouraged enter their wind turbine results onto our online leader board for the chance to have created the most efficient EESW wind turbine in Wales!
The activity is complemented with extra teacher lead lesson resources in both rotation & transmission of forces – gears & ohm’s law.
Suitable for KS3.
Resource packs can be loaned from EESW to your school




This wind turbine workshop meets the progression steps for the curriculum for Wales 2022 in the following areas:


Areas of Learning and Experience


Science and Technology Area of Learning and Experience.

Progression Step Statement


Design thinking and engineering offer technical and creative ways to meet society's needs and wants.

Progression Steps


I can safely use a range of tools, materials and equipment to construct for a variety of reasons.

I can explore how different component parts work together.

I can combine component parts, materials and processes to achieve functionality and improve the effectiveness of my outcomes.

Forces and energy provide a foundation for understanding our universe.

I can investigate different forms of energy and how it can be transferred.

Computation is the foundation for our digital world.

I am beginning to follow a sequence of instructions.



Mathematics and Numeracy Area of Learning and Experience.

Statistics represent data, probability models chance, and both support informed inferences and decisions.

I can collect different types of data to answer a variety of questions that have been posed, demonstrating an understanding of the importance of collecting relevant data.