Discover the theory of flight with this hands-on workshop. Pupils will explore how planes stay in the air through forces and innovative design, before creating their very own small plane. They will then carry out an investigation to see how they can changes their plane's design to adjust how it flies!

Suitable for KS3.
All resources and session delivery provided.





The Small Planes workshop meets the progression steps for the curriculum for Wales 2022 in the following areas
Area of Learning


Science and Technology Area of Learning and Experience

Progression Step Statement


Being curious and searching for answers is essential to understanding and predicting phenomena.


Design thinking and engineering offer technical and creative ways to meet society’s needs and wants.


Forces and energy provide a foundation for understanding our universe.

Progression Steps


I can use a range of models to explain and make predictions.


I can use design thinking to test and refine my design decisions without fear of failure.


I can develop my design thinking to test and refine my design decisions by responding to success and failure.


I can explore how the motion of objects can be affected by applying specific forces.