Scratch game 1 - An Introduction

Starting with this video, we will learn the basics of using scratch - throughout the series we will build on what we learn to create more complex code.



Scratch game 1 - Ball bounce

We will learn the basics of coding games with Scratch - creating characters that can interact with one another, positioning them on screen and using basic loops and conditional statements.



Scratch game 2 - Hedgehog Catch

Here we will change the appearance of sprites on screen, and introduce variables to track score and lives in the game.



Scratch game 3 - Octopus Chomp

Here we will learn to utilise more complex movement within the game, having our characters choose random directions and adjusting the way in which they move.



Scratch game 4 - Robot Attack

We will build on our previous game to create clones of sprites and utilise this to enhance gameplay.



Scratch game 5 - Flappy Dino

In this video we will create our own version of a popular game. Introducing more complex movement of sprites on screen, creating clones and changing their appearance.