A new teacher led lesson resource, designed to be delivered as either as part of your curriculum, or as an extension to our own Wind turbines workshop, this resource looks at the rotation and transmission of forces through gears. By following our online resources of videos and worksheets, pupils discover how to calculate gear ratios of both simple and more complicated gear layouts, direction of rotation, patterns, and calculating ratios their own gearbox designs. Pupils are introduced to speed and velocity and gain an understanding in the relationship between the two. Finally, a stretch question is introduced for pupils to use estimation skills to calculate their answer.

Suitable for KS3, the resource covers both lower lever and upper level KS3, teachers can choose to deliver questions relevant to pupil ability.






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Our session powerpoint which will guide students through the workshop.

Teacher delivery notes with step by step instructions on how to deliver this workshop to students.

Worksheets for students to engage with the session.