On the Road to Cleaner Air is an exciting cross-curricular workshop designed to educate pupils about roadside air quality in Wales. The workshop is made up of three sessions which complement one another but allow flexibility to be delivered as a standalone session if required. The session concludes with a competition to design a road sign which will be used in locations across Wales in 2022!

Suitable for KS3.



Curriculum for Wales Reference Documents

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Here you will find the overview guide detailing the three sessions below, as well as the competition guide which will explain how to enter your students work into the Road Signs competition.



What will a session in your school look like?

'On the Road to Cleaner Air' can be booked as a half day or a full day activity.
Choose which of the following sessions you would like EESW to come and deliver in your school.
Participating pupils will design a 'clean air' road sign which can be entered into a competition to appear on welsh roads.


This session aims to explore the evolution of the Earth's atmosphere, the role of oxygen in plants and humans, air pollution and the impacts on our health. Pupils will:
  • Participate in a practical drama activity demonstrating the evolution of atmosphere and key events along the way
  • Explore the role of cellular respiration in the human body
  • Conduct an experiment looking at the effect of exercise on your pulse rate
  • Complete a maths challenge, looking at average oxygen consumption per day
  • Discover the role of oceans in global warming heat absorption through a balloon demonstration
  • Discuss the impact of air pollution on our health and how we can reduce exposure to harmful gases
This session aims to explore the STEM themes around NOx pollution from cars in a practical and engaging session. Pupils will:
  • Learn and demonstrate how an internal combustion engine works
  • Explore the history of the term ‘horsepower’ and use it to mathematically compare horses and fossil fuels
  • Demonstrate the formation of NOx and learn their chemical formulae
  • Discuss the harmful effects of NOx pollution
  • Take part in practical fieldwork to collect data on three indicators of car pollution: noise levels, soil pH, and lichen species
  • Use their collected data to draw conclusions about the effect on the school’s environment
  • Discuss solutions to mitigate harmful pollution from cars
This session aims to explore different ways in which we can tackle air pollution, specifically looking into reduced emission zones across Wales and the importance of design in making drivers ethical and informed citizens. Pupils will:
  • Discuss the main contributors to air pollution across Wales
  • Use the my2050 tool to explore the pathway to a low carbon UK
  • Discover the 5 case studies where roadside pollution is highest across Wales
  • Look into the key causes of roadside pollution and methods to tackle these problems
  • Scrutinize the currently used road signs
  • Explore the design of road signs
  • Take part in an app design challenge



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