Making your own F1 car has never been easier!

Suitable for KS3/KS4
CAD software is free to download.
Short on time? You can check out our 'F1 in a Day' guide to quickly introduce students to the program in just one day.

Looking for a full term project? We have a full range of video tutorials and PDF guides, which will take your pupils from downloading the free CAD software to creating their own F1 in Schools car.

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Teachers tight on time, or teachers who wish to deliver an introdution to the project can use this resource to take their students through a condensed project which can be completed in a single day.

13 video tutorials taking students from downloading and using the free CAD software to designing each aspect of their own F1 in Schools car.

Supplimenting the video tutorials, you can also make use of our step by step PDF guides covering the entire process of creating an F1 in Schools car.