Our latest blended learning STEM Project challenges teams of students to design, build and program their own smart micro-greenhouse. EESW will deliver coding sessions, alongside full class packs including programmable BBC Micro:bits, environmental control boards, sensors and components, plus how-to guides, videos & cross curricular lesson plans.

Everything required for a successful KS3 project.

EESW Speed Challenge is a fantastic two-hour taster session where pupils get to have a glimpse into the exciting world of F1 
in SchoolsThis whole class workshop gets pupils working in teams to build cars and race them on our purpose-built track to see which team has produced the fastest F1 car.

This session is perfect for
year 7 students and we can accommodate up to 30 pupils per workshop.  

On the Road to Cleaner Air is an exciting cross-curricular workshop designed to educate pupils about roadside air quality in Wales. The workshop is composed of three sessions; each complement one another but allows flexibility to be delivered as a standalone session if required. The session concludes with a competition to design a road sign which will be used in locations across Wales in 2022!

Suitable for KS3.



Discover the theory of flight with this hands-on workshop. Pupils will explore how planes stay in the air through forces and innovative design, before creating their very own small plane. They will then carry out an investigation to see how they can change their plane's design to change how it flies!

Resources and session delivery available online.

A careers session with a difference! Introduce your pupils to the broad field of engineering careers with this engaging activity. Pupils are given a branch of engineering to discover, which they will use to create a profile of an engineer to share with their classmates.

All resources and session delivery available online.

Back by popular demand, our new wind turbines activity allows pupils to learn how a wind turbine works, how they are engineered and constructed. Working in small teams, pupils use our redesigned wind turbine model kits to build and measure energy generated. By adjusting their design, each team is tasked to create and record the most efficient wind turbine.

Resource kits will be loaned from EESW to your school.



FLL is a global science and technology competition for teams of students, to encourage an interest in real world issues and develop key skills that are crucial for their future careers.  The students work together as a team and explore a given scientific topic and plan, program and test an autonomous robot to solve several missions.  

FLL Challenge is for young people aged 9 to 16 years, working in teams of up to ten with a supporting mentor.

In this BBC Micro:bit workshop, students are guided through a series of challenges where they will write code using Javascript or Python (dependant on ability) to move a Microbit car through a series of tasks. The children will then code a transmitter and receiver, turning their car into a remote control vehicle with which they can compete with one another, adjusting their code throughout to improve their vehicle.

Would you like your school to be a part of this global STEM project? Welcome to F1 in Schools!

Making your own F1 car has never been easier! Using our series of short & easy guides, pupils can learn the basics of CAD to design, create and render their own F1 in Schools car. Let EESW support you as you enter the world of F1.

Fusion 360 CAD software is free to download.