How it works

A link company will set a project brief related to a real problem within the company for a team of up to eight Year 12 students.  Around 600 students take part in the EESW Project each year.  

During the project students will research and design a solution and produce a final proposal, model or working prototype.  Students will attend a welcome event in September/October, a two or three-day workshop in December at a local University, college or training centre and submit a written report in February/March.  The team will then attend an Awards and Presentation Day in North or South Wales in March/April, where they will display their work at an exhibition stand and give a presentation to a panel of assessors.  Awards will be presented for various categories up to the value of £500.  

Why take part?

The EESW Project offers multiple benefits to students, schools/colleges and companies.  Students will gain a number of skills and receive a completion of training certificate for the areas completed. 

Students will:

  • have enhanced knowledge and understanding of STEM, by gaining an insight into engineering and experience of solving a real problem.
  • apply and develop Essential and Key Skills including communication, decision making, team work, team leadership, problem solving, presentation techniques and report writing.
  • gain subject knowledge in a real industrial context for UCAS applications and CVs.
  • be able to apply for a Gold CREST Award.
  • be able to use the EESW project for the WJEC Welsh Baccalaureate.
  • be eligible to apply for the EESW Student of the Year Award.

Get involved!