EESW Project 2019-20 Video Submission

EESW were very disappointed that our special 30th year EESW Awards & Presentation Day celebration events were cancelled this year due to COVID-19.  

We would like to invite you to send us a video of your team presenting your project brief, design and solution. 
This competition is entirely optional and standalone from the EESW written project assessment.  

The most important thing to remember is you have already done most of the preparation – the project presentation you will film should be the same presentation you had planned to deliver, so you can tweak and record what you were hoping to present to us at the awards day.  

We are sure that some of you will be very creative in how you present your projects, but don't forget it is what you say that counts!  


Teams presenting at last year's awards event

Teams presenting at last year's awards event

Video Content Guidelines:

As a team, prepare a short video to present your project (maximum of 15 minutes in length).  The video should include the following aspects:

  • Introduce team members and roles and your link company
  • Discuss design brief and company and options you considered
  • Demonstrate why you chose your final design, including any prototype/models/drawings
  • Explain any commercial, social or environmental impact of your solution, and any benefits to your link company
  • Provide a summary of how you evaluated your project
  • Finally, make suggestions to your link company for further investigation or how they could implement your design
For more ideas on how to prepare and submit your video, please download our "EESW 2019-20 Video Preparation Guide" below.  
Hints & Tips
  • Remember, you do not all have to be physically together for the video - you can record short clips and edit them together to create one video whilst obeying social distancing rules!
  • You will not be judged on the quality of video editing; we will be more impressed by what you say and how you present your project
  • If you have drawings, models, prototypes or even CAD designs, please show us!
  • Don’t forget, we will only be able to judge you on what you've sent in your video, so think carefully about how to communicate your project concisely and make sure everything is included

Example of video entry from Cynffig Comprehensive School

In this video, Lucy MacArthur of Year 12 runs through an explanation of the Cynffig team's practical model for 2016's EESW competition.  



Video Awards Categories

EESW would like to thank all organisations who have continued to support our programme to celebrate this year's projects.  

Awards available to EESW teams who submit a video of their project presentation are:


Closing Date

Entries can either be emailed to or shared with us via WeTransfer (or other file share).

The closing date for entries Wednesday 30th September 2020 to give teams as much time as possible to contact team members, teachers and companies.