Cardiff 6th Form College
Took part - 2019
Being able to partake in EESW really made me realise that Engineering was the field that I wanted to go into, as it mimicked the experience of a professional engineer! The problem we were given was to find a way to measure current in the electrified rail lines for Network Rail, and our group decided we wanted to use a hall probe. This allowed me to discover my passion for material science when looking into the most sustainable material for the probe, and has inspired me to pursue this interest studying Materials Science at university!


Brynteg School
Took part - 2019
Inyoung Baek, from Brynteg School, participated in the EESW project in 2018-2019 as a project leader. His team were linked with SAS International, and their brief was to design a tile that could transfer sound energy into energy that can be stored in a battery.

Inyoung and his team used piezoelectric transducers to achieve this and won an award for the Most Effective Presentation of the Chosen Solution, sponsored by Industry Wales.

Inyoung described the EESW project as a “special experience as it was my first meaningful engagement in engineering.” He believes the knowledge gained within the project fuelled his desire to study engineering, and he is thankful to have taken part.

Inyoung’s teacher at the time, Paul Webber said that “Having worked with EESW project students since 1992, I can honestly say Inyoung has an energy and focus that stands out for all to see. He showed exceptional diligence and focus throughout all aspects of the EESW project and has a genuine focus to become an engineer of the highest calibre in the future.”

Inyoung is currently in his first year of studying Engineering at Cambridge University and loves it! He particularly enjoys structural engineering.

When asked what he would like to do as a career, he replied: “I have no doubt that I will become a professional engineer in the future.”