Big Bang @ Pembrokeshire

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The Big Bang is coming to Pembrokeshire – again!

Bridge Innovation Centre – Wednesday 18 October 2017

Bridge Innovation Centre

If you would like to attend, please register by completing and returning the booking form below:

Big Bang @Pembrokeshire Booking Form

After registering to visit, you will be contacted by email to confirm your preferred visit slot and workshops.  Please note these will be allocated on a first-come, first served basis.

Shows at the Big Bang Pembrokeshire:

Science Made Simple – It’s only water… or is it?

This exciting science made simple show explores all the amazing properties of water. From absorbing water effectively, to dissolving chemicals in it, you can squash, freeze and heat water to do all sorts of things.

Be prepared to get wet, in this interactive show which may see students (and teachers) get a little wetter than they bargained for!

Science Made Simple – Music to your Ears

How do we make sounds, record sounds and see sounds? Music to your Ears is a classic science made simple show all about the science of sound, with lots of surprises and excitement through highly visual demonstrations and audience interaction.

Our show informs your audience about basics of sound, how our ears hear, and the latest in music technology.

Witness the Theramin, the ultimate ‘hands-free’ instrument, and see music being made with a blowtorch! Discover what sound is, and see what it actually looks like. Find out about the important sound sensors in our ears, and how they can be damaged by loud music. Uncover the mysteries of how CD players and MP3 players work, and even have some fun with synthesized voices!

Workshops at the Big Bang @ Pembrokeshire:


Jaguar 2D Challenge – In this exciting and hands-on session pupils will make their own racing cars from a paper net and race them on a 20 metre track


Night Sky Planetarium  – Pupils will spend 45 minutes with Mr Allan Trow who will run a night sky planetarium. The wonders of the universe will unfold under Mr Trow’s exciting stargazing personality – Professor Brian Cox – eat your heart out!

Creatures of the deep –  Exploring the world of bioluminescence in the deep sea – how do the creatures make the light? What do they use it for?  Examining the external and internal anatomy of preserved squid specimens.

Dr Beynon’s Bug Farm – Dr Sarah Beynon of Dr Beynon’s Bug Farm will be talking about insect ecology and bringing along some wriggly guests to look at.

Air Rockets – Air powered rockets have the ‘wow’ factor for many learners with good designs capable of attaining amazing altitudes.  Moreover, this workshop is a novel way of delivering science and technology based learning to primary and Secondary Schools throughout Wales

Lego WeDO – Pupils will build a model from on screen instructions and then, using the Lego software, code the model to sense and move

And Many More…