The Big Bang Fair North Wales

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EESW is pleased to be bringing one of the largest events in STEM to North Wales again this year at Venue Cymru, Llandudno on Wednesday 25th March 2015.

IMG_0030There will be over twenty-five EESW teams from across North Wales attending to display the work they have completed during the EESW Sixth Form Project in 2014–2015.  Teams of up to eight students are linked with a local company to work on an engineering project over a six month period.  These teams are then invited to the Big Bang North Wales to display their work and undergo an assessment.  There is an opportunity for the teams to win various awards, sponsored by donating organisations and teams will automatically be entered in the National Science and Engineering Competition 2015.  Following the assessment process, some of these teams will be nominated to attend the Big Bang National Fair in 2016.

Ysgol Tregarth - Phantom (1) EditedThe event is open to visitors of all ages – come and see the North Wales Final of the F1 in Schools Jaguar Primary Competition 2014-2015 and watch our primary school pupils race their model cars down a 35 metre track at speeds of up to 35mph – or, come and watch one of our exciting shows by Science Made Simple or Dr Mark Lewney.  As if all this wasn’t exciting enough, come and see our large exhibition and see a life-size model of the Bloodhound SSC car, get involved in one of our hands-on activities or spend some time talking to local Universities and companies about your future career options.  There is something for everyone at this event and it continues to grow in size and popularity each year!

If you would like to attend this event, please click here to register!

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Some of our exciting exhibitors and shows include:

Bloodhound (1)

Bloodhound SSC

A full scale model of the Bloodhound Super Sonic Car attempting to break the land speed record of 1000mph and an interactive simulator – come and have a go!

Science Made SimpleHorizon_logo_spot

Science Made Simple Shows! (Sponsored By Horizon Nuclear Power)

Who Wants to Be a Superhero?

Just what exactly do scientists and engineers do? How do planes fly?  How can we see through the dust in space? How do engineers make playgrounds safer to play in?  How are they saving the planet?  Come and see the show to find out!

A Rough Guide to Engineering

What is Engineering? Where can you find it? Come along on a journey around the world and find out all about what engineers do, and how they do it!

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Dr Mark Lewney – Rock Guitar in 11 Dimensions
What causes the revolutionary, history-changing sound of rock guitar, and how does it help us understand the nature of the entire universe? Dr. Lewney explains the physics of rock using riffs from Vivaldi to Queen and the theme from Bullseye, tells you the secret of the Stradivarius, and shows how string vibrations might lie at the heart of the answers to the Big Questions about the Big Bang and the dimensions of the universe.