Girls into STEM

Girls into STEM Logo 5Girls into STEM is committed to a program of events aimed at encouraging girls to take an interest in Science, Technology,Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects so that they consider careers in related areas, particularly engineering. We run a variety of activities to engage with female pupils, these include; visits to local engineering companies, engineering awareness days and visits to engineering departments in Welsh universities. These activities are aimed at 12 to 16 year old female pupils.

Company visits

Visits to local companies involves the pupils meeting employees who discuss their background and roles within the company. They also gain an insight into the company’s activities, experiencing what goes on and developing an appreciation for the different environments that exist.

Pupils will be asked to discuss their observations and offer opinions related to working in an industrial environment.  It is hoped that pupils will appreciate the relevance of science, maths and technology in the work place, as well as becoming more aware of the career opportunities open to women in the world of engineering. They will be encouraged to relate their observations to their school subjects, particularly STEM, and discuss how their choice of GCSE subjects will influence their own possible career path.

Engineering awareness days

These are outdoor activities designed to provide students with the opportunity to meet, work and exchange ideas with equally motivated students from several schools throughout Wales. Each day’s activities include team building, problem solving and decision making activities, as well as on site engineering construction. Pupils are able to use and develop essential and key skills.

Activities vary and include constructing a buggy to transport items from point A to B overland, balancing while creating walkways with planks from barrel to barrel and creating structures suitable for manoeuvring heavy items across an imaginary valley.

University visits

Pupils will get the opportunity to visit university engineering departments, where they will be given a tour of the facilities and engage with activities under the supervision of university staff. The day is designed to show what university life is like and to encourage girls to consider going to university to study STEM subjects.The programme for each visit will involve:
  • an introduction to the university;
  • a brief outline of STEM subjects in the university;
  • hands on activities;
  • an overview of the day outlining career opportunities for girls in STEM areas;
  • questionnaire and pupil/teacher feed back