F1 in Schools

EESW/STEMCymru is the only official Welsh partner of F1 in Schools! 

F1 in Schools offers a range of competitions for pupils in Primary and Secondary Schools.  There are various entry categories.

Jaguar Primary School Challenge Logo 2013 MedJaguar Primary Schools Challenge

F1 in Schools – Jaguar Primary School Challenge engages with primary school students and teachers across the UK. The challenge is open to students aged 5-11 years old and involves designing and manufacturing the fastest car possible, emulating the design and engineering processes employed by real engineering companies, such as Jaguar Cars.  Primary schools are invited to participate via EESW and their local Secondary School hub.  Contact us for more information.

Jaguar 2D  Challenge – Primary (5-11 Age Group)

The challenge is for a team of 4 pupils to design a race car out of card complete with wheels, body and even a mini driver. They will design their car using software to produce car design ideas and then manufacture them on a plotter cutter before making the car ready to race.

F1 in Schools CompetitionF1 in schools

The F1 in Schools competition involves a team of students designing and manufacturing CO2-powered model racing cars using sophisticated computer aided design software and computer aided manufacture techniques (CAD/CAM) .

Schools can involve as many  pupils as they wish  and can enter three teams of up to six students in the Wales regional finals.  Each pupil is assigned a role within the team.  Teams are encouraged to raise sponsorship and are involved in all stages of the process of designing and making the model car, including a series of wind tunnel tests.  The cars are raced along a 20 metre track at speeds of around 60mph!

Teams are assessed on the speed of the car, promotional materials, displays showing their design process and a verbal presentation.

The winners of the Welsh regional finals then compete at the UK national final for the opportunity to represent Wales at the International Final.

F1 in Schools Competition Categories

The F1 in Schools competition is split into 3 classes: Entry, Development and Professional. All classes are judged on the day of one of our regional finals. A school is allowed to enter a maximum of 3 teams, which can be a mixture of classes. Teams may only compete for 1 year in both the Entry and Development Classes, but can return as many times as they like as a Professional Class team.

See below for more information regarding classes and costs.

Entry Class – Primary & Secondary (11-14 Age Group – KS3) 

Ysgol Gyfun Gwent Is Coed

This is the perfect first step on your F1 in Schools journey and is aimed at new team/schools taking part in the challenge for the first time. Entry Class allows all teams to compete for the honour of being crowned Regional Champions, who will be invited to attend the Silverstone National final as VIP guests.

Entry Class is FREE to enter.

Development Class – Primary & Secondary (11-19 Age Group – KS3/KS4) 

Cymer Afan Comprehensive - Valley Velocity (2)

This is the next step up from Entry Class and a great way to prepare for Professional Class. You will take on more judging categories and have more technical regulations to contend with when designing your car. Teams choosing to enter the Development Class will be competing for a place at Silverstone to become the Development Class UK National Champions, which will win them a place to represent the UK at the World Finals.

There is a registration fee of £75 for this category.  Teams registering via EESW/STEMCymru will be funded, meaning this category will be FREE to enter for Welsh teams only.


Professional Class – Primary & Secondary (11-19 Age Group – KS4/KS5) 

Connah's Quay High School - Cerberus

This is the top tier of the UK competition and is ideally suited to KS4 teams, although we want to encourage ambition – so you can enter straight away at the age of 11 if you fancy the challenge! Regional winners in the Professional Class teams fight it out at the UK National Finals for a place at the star-studded World Finals.

There is a registration fee of £75 for this category.  Teams registering via EESW/STEMCymru will be funded, meaning this category will be FREE to enter for Welsh teams only.


To register contact info@stemcymru.org.uk or visit www.f1inschools.co.uk