Jessica Jones – UK Young Engineer of the Year

Jesscia Jones, the first female UK Young Engineer of the Year was nominated and elected for her work on an EESW project in 2011-2012.

Jessica, a student at St David’s Sixth Form College in Cardiff, took part in a project set by global company Huntleigh Healthcare.  She has become an ambassador for female engineering students everywhere.  Jessica said “Science and maths-based subjects are traditionally perceived as a male discipline and this outlook discourages females from taking these subjects.  This is unfair as in reality females are as mentally capable as men and should have the same chance of technical success as men”.

Peter Spear, the scheme co-ordinator at St David’s Catholic College said “The practical application of what they are taught married to a development of problem-solving and teamwork skills provides an experience Universities and Employers are now seeking”

Jessica at the Big Bang 1

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