This energy themed workshop which can be delivered to groups of up to 30 students in which they will discuss the significance of energy and how it is produced.

Students will then build a working wind turbine which they will test to measure the voltage produced and adjust aspects of their design to improve the output in an attempt to create the wind turbine with the most efficient energy output.

‘Wind Turbine’ sessions can cater for up to 30 students and runs for 90mins. however timings are flexible and the session can be tailored to work around the school timetable.

To book a session in your school, please contact us


This workshop satisfies the following aspects of the curriculum

- Estimate size and use correct units when measuring
- Prioritise steps to complete a task

- Use and understand technical terms
- Communicate ideas and agree actions in groups

- Promote growth mindset
- Develop teamwork, communication, problem solving and time management skills
- Raise awareness about different careers in the STEM sector