In this workshop, students are guided through a series of challenges to create circuits with LED’s, buzzers and switches and to program these circuits using a Crumble microcontroller. This is a simple introduction to programming using a ‘Scratch’ style editor and is well suited to KS2 or lower KS3. Students will finish the workshop programming ‘Drawbots’ to create patterns using a felt tip pen.

‘Crumble Controller' sessions can cater for up to 30 students and runs for 2 hours, laptops will be provided but a room with power outlets will be required.

To book a session in your school, please contact us here


This workshop satisfies the following aspects of the curriculum

- Estimate size and use correct units when measuring
- Prioritise steps to complete a task

- Listen to explanations of processes and identify main points
- Communicate ideas and agree actions in groups
- Use and understand technical terms

- Suggest and make improvements depending on feedback and self-evaluation  
- Predict outcomes after modifying inputs
- Apply logical reasoning to a problem to formulate a solution.

- Promote growth mindset
- Develop teamwork, communication and time management skills
- Develop an understanding of the importance of coding in the world around us
- Develop confidence in the application of learned skills