Girls into STEM testimonials 2016 – 2017

Below are a selection of quotes from students who participated in our Girls into STEM activities in 2016-2017, answering the question “What difference has taking part made to you”

“Taking part has made me realise how much I’d like to become an Engineer”DDgnexeXoAAnk4W

“It gives me a different and more interested perspective on science, maths etc through more activities”

“That Engineering isn’t only for boys and that there are many careers in STEM subjects”

“I know now that more girls need to have a career in IT”

“It gave me a view of what we can do with our science skills”

“I have an insight on how the jobs here can have an impact on later life”

“Realising women can do science as well”

“Opened a new door for multiple pupils”

“It’s made me think that apprenticeships are looking for girls”

“Made me more aware of the problems that businesses undergo”

“That girls can do Engineering well and can make a living out of it”

Screenshot 2017-06-22 10.55.40“I’m now more aware of transforming waste”

“Made me aware of all the non-renewable resources and waste”

“I think that I am more open to becoming an engineer before I only wanted to be a forensic scientist”

“Acknowledging that woman can do the same engineering jobs as men can”

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