Big Bang Fair South Wales 2017



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EESW is pleased to be bringing one of the largest events in STEM to South Wales again this year at the Liberty Stadium, Swansea on Monday 3rd April 2017.

There will be over seventy-five EESW teams from across South Wales attending to display the work they have completed during the EESW Sixth Form Project in 2016–2017.

If you would like to attend this event, please click to register!

Some of our exciting exhibitors and shows include:


Science Made Simple Show
Engineering for life – from Cradle to Grave
How can engineering let us see inside ourselves, make our lives safer, and push the boundaries of science?


Dr Mark Lewney – Rock Guitar in 11 Dimensions
What causes the revolutionary, history-changing sound of rock guitar, and how does it help us understand the nature of the entire universe? Dr. Lewney explains the physics of rock using riffs from Vivaldi to Queen and the theme from Bullseye, tells you the secret of the Stradivarius, and shows how string vibrations might lie at the heart of the answers to the Big Questions about the Big Bang and the dimensions of the universe.

IET with Box

Institute of Engineering and Technology
Interactive and exciting activities



First Lego League
Various exciting tabletop activities, using robots with Lego structures – come and have a go!