EESW Testimonials 2016-2017

Below are a selection of quotes from students who participated in the EESW Sixth Form Project 2016-2017

“In the team, personally we have all seen a raise of interest for a future in engineering and a passion for the representation of females and an end to the gender gap ever present in engineering and many other industries.”

“I started the EESW scheme unsure of how it would help me later in life, however the scheme has been incredibly rewarding to the development of both my personal skills and my understanding of engineering.  Previously to joining the scheme, my contact with engineering had been minimal at best, I had a lack of understanding to the magnitude of jobs and areas that it covered, and now realise that Art and Design Technology are both key parts in engineering, and given the right opportunity I might go down the path of a job in the field.”

“Throughout this whole project, I learnt a lot of things including a great deal about technology, how to design and manufacture a product, I learnt what the public wants and needs and I also learnt that if you want to be part of a big project like this one, you need to be committed and turn up to every meeting so that you don’t miss anything. It is crucial not to miss anything so that you are up to date on what needs to be done.”

“I have learnt the importance and the advantages of working in a team, the significance of communication, and the reasons behind deadlines. The project we were given has broadened my understanding of the consequences of the gender gap and sparked my passion about the subject, which is something I would like to continue to debate in the future. The EESW has helped me develop my personal skills to the next level, I now have greater confidence with speaking to new people and crowds, working in teams, and my writing and thinking skills have all developed greatly, something that will be very beneficial to me in the future.”

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