Mae EESW STEMCymru yn bartner swyddogol yng Nghynghrair LEGO CYNTAF yr IET

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A new and exciting challenge is presented every year and as a whole class, children work in groups of four to explore this real-world theme with an exclusive LEGO® Education Discovery model.


The FIRST LEGO League JR is a STEM programme for students aged 6 to 9 years. Similarly to the FIRST LEGO League, teams of up to ten students research a given topic and display their ideas on a 'Show Me poster', and build a LEGO model to help communicate their ideas and program one part of their model to move using a LEGO WeDo kit. 

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The FIRST LEGO League is a global science and technology challenge for teams of up to ten students aged 9 to 16. The students work together to explore a given topic and to design, build and program a LEGO EV3 robot to solve a series of missions.  

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